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Mrs.Coleman's AP Home Page: A.P. Review Page

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AP ANARCHY: Joel and Jeff give an interesting review of nihilism as seen in Crime and Punishment
Beelzebub: The Lord of the Flies: Megan and Sean review Lord of the Flies
Madam Bovary : Liz and Shelley review Madame Bovary
A Tribute to As I Lay Dying: Sarah gives us a loving review of her favorite novel As I Lay Dying
the "Inferno": Christina and Kauser develope flaming insight into Dante's "Inferno"
A tribute to Toni Morrison's Beloved: Courtney and Amy give us wonderful insight into their favorite novel Beloved
Frankenstein: Or the Modern Day Prometheus: Melinda develops wonderful insight into Shelley's gothic novel Frankenstein .
A Review of Sartre's No Exit : Lisa gives us wonderful insight into No Exit
Hamlet Review: Jennifer gives us an excellent review of Shakespeare's Hamlet
Heart of Darkness: Sara leads us through Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Crime and Punishment: Amanda and Ann take us to St. Petersburg and through the novel Crime and Punishment
As I Lay Dying Review: Erin gives us brilliant insight into Faulkner's dark and twisted novel, As I Lay Dying .
"Diamond as Big as the Ritz" Review: Sara and Chris give us an indepth review of Fitzgerald's short story "Diamond as Big as the Ritz".
Dante's "Inferno": Michelle and Lindsay brave the heat of the "Inferno"
Sartra's No Exit : Dave analyzes the existentialism in No Exit
AP Analysis:Frankenstein : Annie and Rachel explore Shelley's monster in Frankenstein
"Diamond as Big as the Ritz": Mary and Kristina create shining insight into Fitzgerald's "Diamond as Big as the Ritz"
Mrs. Coleman's guestbook: If you would like to respond our AP pages, or if you would just like to leave me a message vist here. I 'd love to keep in touch with Brookfield Central students! I already miss you all!