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All About Alexander James:

I was born on July 23rd at 12:07 p.m. My mom and dad and Auntie Jamie welcomed me into the world. For the first two months I was slathered with love because I got to live at my grandparent's house, where I was always held and never had to be myself. However, my parents decided at two months that I should get a jump start on my education and we all flew to Stanford, CA, where I now live on campus.

I spend most of my days making my parents adhere to all my whims. When I cry they take me for walks, because I refuse to take a nap in my bed, though I like to sleep up to ten hours at night.

There is so much going on around campus that I don't want to miss a thing, so I walk my daddy to law school, hang out in the coffee shops, and read the great works of Dr. Seuss with my mom.

Recently my grandma and auntie came to visit, and I went for my first merry-go-round ride in Golden Gate Park. Even though my eyes got really big, I wasn't scared, and I never even cried. I had so much fun.

Currently, I am developing my own language. My favorite words are: "ahhgooo", " ahhrooo", "heyhey", "lalala" and "oooohhh." I like to smile and talk because it makes my mommy and daddy laugh. They are so easily amused.

I miss everyone back in the Midwest, and can't wait to see everyone during Christmas!

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